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  • The Supply Chain Council - Originator of the SCOR process reference model, this global non-profit provides methodology, diagnostic and benchmarking tools to help organizations make dramatic and rapid improvements in supply chain processes.
  • SupplyChainBrain - SupplyChainBrain is a resource for the high-level executive concerned with managing risk, aligning the supply chain with corporate planning, achieving competitive advantage, balancing customer demands with the need to control cost, and improving the bottom line.
  • Supply Chain Digest - Supply Chain Digest offers information, news, and commentary that summarizes and synthesizes important information for busy supply chain and logistics professionals.
  • The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals - An organization devoted to leading the evolving supply chain management profession by developing, advancing, and disseminating supply chain knowledge and research.
  • Inbound Logistics - A leading site for news and commentary on logistics and supply chain issues.
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  • Think Tank, a blog by the editors of Supply Chain Brain
  • Herb Shields on consumer goods and the supply chain, on DC Velocity
  • Supply Chains Rock, by Christopher Sciacca. Who says supply chains are boring?
  • The Lean Supply Chain, a discussion of lean principles in the supply chain
  • Blog on Log, providing insight & foresight for the dawning conceptual age in global logistics, transportation, and supply chain markets
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