U.S. Concrete Inc.

COMPANY: U.S. Concrete Inc.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 1,000 or more employees; $500M-$1B in revenue
INDUSTRY: Miscellaneous manufacturing
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Ready-mixed concrete, concrete blocks, masonry, aggregates
NAME OF PROJECT: Project IMPACT - Oracle Implementation and Business Transformation
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To develop and implement management reporting tools and standards to improve reliability of information and access to data; develop standardized ERP purchasing and inventory functionality; implement new systems functionality; provide user training and post-implementation support and training plan
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Oracle eBusiness Suite Release 12 and Siebel Oracle
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Shortened close time from 15 or more days to five to seven days; decreased operating costs by 50%; reduced time to close AP on a monthly basis from three to four days to one day or less; estimated annual savings of $5 million