Toshiba International, Motor Business Unit

COMPANY: Toshiba International, Motor Business Unit
SIZE OF COMPANY: More than 1,000 employees; $100M-$250M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Electrical equipment
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Low- and medium-voltage electrical motors
NAME OF PROJECT: Online Parts Catalog
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To make it easier for customers to obtain motor design information and solid models, enabling them to design Toshiba motors into their products more quickly; to relieve Toshiba engineers of non-productive tasks, such as responding to customer requests for 3D solid models of motors
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: PARTsolutions’ PARTcatalog and PARTcommunity, ProEngineer 10, AutoCAD, SolidWorks CAD tools
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Design engineers are more productive because they no longer need to respond to customer requests for 3D models and files; customers can more easily and quickly integrate Toshiba motors into their designs