The Timberland Co.

COMPANY: The Timberland Co.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 1,000 or more employees; more than $1B in revenue
INDUSTRY: Textiles and apparel
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Footwear, apparel, accessories
NAME OF PROJECT: In-house Rapid Prototyping
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To shrink the development cycle and improve time-to-market for new product lines by adopting a rapid prototyping in-house technology; reduce the cost of design iteration and improve communication among stakeholders in the design process
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Z Corp. ZPrinter 650, SolidWorks
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: 3D printing technology reduced prototype costs and turnaround time, yielding better designs, increased revenue, and continuous product quality improvement; shorter development cycle; cut cost of each model by a factor of 10; reduced mold scrap volume by 20%; lowered travel costs to Asia by 10% annually; enabled design reviews earlier in the development cycle