TPI Corp.

SIZE OF COMPANY: 500-999 employees; $50M-$100M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Metals – fabrication and assembly
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Built-in heaters, Duct and VAV/Plenum heaters, portable electric heaters, infrared heaters, heat ovens, lighting products, industrial fans, thermostats and controls
NAME OF PROJECT: HarrisData Kanban/JIT – Automates inventory and purchasing replenishment to manufacturing
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To use Kanban and ABC Cycle Counting to get accurate inventory and just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing to drive better cycle times, reduce time to market, lower costs
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: AutoCAD, ERP Manufacturing, MRP, MES, Kanban HarrisData, Zebra Technologies bar-code scanning, IBM
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Reduced inventory costs 20%, or more than $4 million per year; reduced warehouse space and added manufacturing line; reduced time to market from four to six weeks to three to four days; increased sales 10% year over year; 2008 was most profitable year since 1949; implementation costs were about $15,000; Zebra bar coding cost $30,000