Sybase Adds SAP Integration Tools to Mobile Apps Platform

The latest version of the Sybase Unwired Platform includes out-of-the-box connectivity to SAP data and workflow tools for adding business process management to mobile applications.

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Posted on Aug 09, 2010

Just weeks after its acquisition by SAP, Sybase Inc. today announced a new version of its mobile application development platform that is tightly integrated with SAP’s back-end business data.

The Sybase Unwired Platform version 1.5.2 includes an SAP connectivity plug-in that allows developers to immediately tap into SAP data sources and build mobile applications for SAP CRM, ERP, and other enterprise applications. Also included are new tools that allow designers to build workflow capabilities into applications that can be delivered to mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian, with Android support to follow, the company said.

SAP and Sybase were development partners prior to SAP’s acquiring the database and enterprise mobility specialist, and they have been working on the latest version of the Unwired Platform for some time.

The update focuses on SAP application enablement “because we’ve done the technical integration,” said Tony Kueh, Sybase’s senior director of mobility product management. “This is a result of our partnership, not necessarily the [closing of the] deal,” he told Managing Automation in an interview.

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