Sub-Zero Freezer Co. Inc.

COMPANY: Sub-Zero Freezer Co. Inc.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 500-999 employees; $50M-$100M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Industrial/heavy equipment
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Household kitchen appliances, Sub-Zero freezers and refrigerators, Wolf ovens, cooktops
NAME OF PROJECT: The Sub-Zero Emerging Issues Project
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To improve warranty cost and customer satisfaction by implementing a more predictive and proactive analysis system; build an emerging issues system that uses analytics, automation, and text mining; eliminate manual coding
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: SAS Text Miner, SAS Warranty Analysis
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Standard emerging issues report shows new patterns in warranty claims data; potential issues are assigned to product engineers for investigation; text mining process reduces resource requirements by nearly 4,000 worker-hours per year; reduced timeline to define quality issues by 64 days; shortened issue detection cycle by 3.5 months; saved more than $4 million since investing in SAS software and consulting