Sterling Ethanol Group LLC

COMPANY: Sterling Ethanol Group LLC
SIZE OF COMPANY: 50-99 employees
INDUSTRY: Miscellaneous manufacturing
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Fuel-grade ethanol for blending with refinery fuel, wet distiller’s grain and solubles for use as feed for livestock producers
NAME OF PROJECT: Sterling Ethanol: A Plant-Wide Optimization and MPC Project
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To respond to mercurial market conditions; minimize waste through automation technology; ensure that a new control system was used effectively from the start
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Rockwell Automation Pavilion8 Model Predictive Control and Plant-wide Optimizer, Siemens APACS Control System
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: ROI exceeded 100% per year for Sterling Ethanol, Yuma Ethanol, and Bridgeport Ethanol. For Sterling Ethanol, production rose 18%, energy use fell 4%, and fermentation yield efficiency rose 1%. For Yuma Ethanol, energy use fell 4% and fermentation yield efficiency rose 6.5%. For Bridgeport Ethanol, energy use fell 15% and fermentation yield efficiency rose 2%.