Solexant Corp.

COMPANY: Solexant Corp.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 20-49 employees
INDUSTRY: Electronics and semiconductors
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Ultrathin-film inorganic solar PV cells and modules
NAME OF PROJECT: Nanocrystal Solar Cells and Modules
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To reduce the installed cost of solar energy while making solar manufacturing significantly less capital-intensive
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: SolidWorks, Rockwell Automation PLCs, Dell network server and wireless network
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Cells, at 1 micron thick, are 200 times thinner than traditional solar cells, reducing material costs; eliminated the need for expensive clean rooms and high-tech machinery; processing speed is 10 times faster than the competition; capital equipment costs were one-third those of traditional silicon solar technologies and less than one-half those of the thin-film leader; reduced the cost of solar to 50 cents per watt