Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

COMPANY: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 1,000 or more employees
INDUSTRY: Non-manufacturing
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Water treatment equipment
NAME OF PROJECT: Integrated Mobile Field Service Deployment
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To replace legacy paper-based field service application, which was not integrated with back-end systems; speed up the business process, improve quality, and cut costs
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Oracle ERP, Motorola Enterprise Mobile Computing AT&T e-Switch
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Immediate billing resulting in increased cash flow; increased field force productivity; increased customer satisfaction and loyalty; greater accuracy in scheduling and performing inspections; improved accuracy of documentation through capture at the point of delivery; field technicians, engineers, and managers receive real-time problem and complaint reporting, leading to improved management of incidents related to medical equipment; meeting FDA mandates