Remmele Engineering Inc.

COMPANY: Remmele Engineering Inc.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 500-999 employees; $50M-$100M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Aerospace and defense
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Aerospace components for commercial and military aircraft; military components for radar systems and ground vehicles
NAME OF PROJECT: KDMS - Knowledge Driven Manufacturing System
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To use the knowledge from KDMS and knowledge experts to guide employees to achieve expert results regardless of individual skill level and bypass the learning curve
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: NX CAD/CAM Siemens, EDM Engineering Data Management, Acc-u-Trans Translation Technologies, MTConnect shop floor monitoring Lemoine, Microsoft
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Remmele anticipates a 60% reduction in design-to-manufacture flow, 50% lower non-recurring engineering costs, 15% reduction in quality cost, and 50% reduction in new business estimating time.