Ralco Industries

COMPANY: Ralco Industries
SIZE OF COMPANY: $10M-$25M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Automotive supplier
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Metal stamping and welded assembly; exhaust, steering, chassis, suspension, seating, HVAC subassemblies
NAME OF PROJECT: Initiative Drives Improved Quality, Delivery, Cost
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To improve setup time, traceability, inventory control, and OEE by integrating shop floor processes and systems; reduce downtime; improve run rates and quality
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Plex Online from Plex Systems, Allen-Bradley PLC PleXML, Rockwell Automation RSView and RSLinx
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Improved quality by 635 ppm to .16 ppm; on-time delivery went from 87% to 100%; inventory accuracy rose from below 50% to 99.9%; OEE improved from 28% to 60%; reallocated 50% of operator training to more highly skilled course content; cut premium freight costs 20%; reduced scrap 60%; payback in just over a year