Oracle Upgrades Document Visualization Tool

Oracle’s first significant upgrade of the product, acquired in 2007, features new integration and scalability features as well as collaboration and review capabilities.

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Posted on Apr 05, 2010

Oracle Corp. today delivered a new release of its AutoVue document visualization tool that the company said allows for greater scalability and integration and features file comparison and 3D walkthrough capabilities.

The 20.0 release is the first significant upgrade of AutoVue since it was acquired as part of Oracle’s 2007 takeover of Agile. The software was originally developed by Cimmetry, which Agile acquired in 2005. Used by manufacturing and engineering-oriented companies, AutoVue supports the viewing and analysis of CAD and other documents regardless of the format in which they were created.

AutoVue 20.0 includes a new architecture that allows for faster loading of large documents. That will let users more practically view documents that are 10 times bigger than those typically viewed today using AutoVue, said Thierry Bonfonte, director of AutoVue product strategy, in an interview with Managing Automation.

And, for manufacturers, AutoVue includes new file comparison capabilities that let users working with 3D CAD or electronic design automation (EDA) file formats more easily compare file versions.

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