Oracle Jumps into Idea Management Software Market

New Agile Customer Needs Management tool allows organizations to capture and develop product ideas from customers, design partners, and suppliers.

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Posted on Jun 21, 2010

Oracle Corp. today released a software tool aimed at allowing organizations to more effectively collaborate with customers, partners, and other stakeholders on the development and validation of new product ideas.

The product innovation software, Agile Customer Needs Management, integrates with the company’s Agile product lifecycle management (PLM) suite and other Oracle tools, including its AutoVue Enterprise Visualization software and Oracle Universal Content Management.

Agile Customer Needs Management marks the first time Oracle has attempted to directly address the idea conceptualization, capture, and collaboration portion of the new product development process.

“We are trying to expand the traditional scope of PLM into the fuzzy front end, looking at how people come up with ideas and how innovation happens,” said Oracle Vice President for PLM and Product Information Management Product Strategy Hardeep Gulati, in an interview with Managing Automation.

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