Motorola and Apprion Expand Wireless Offerings

Later this year, Apprion will offer new applications featuring pre-integrated wireless systems for safety, security, energy efficiency, and asset optimization in industrial settings.

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Posted on May 13, 2009

In a move that strengthens the bond between Motorola and wireless network provider Apprion Inc., the pair announced an OEM agreement this week that will result in integrated product offerings for turnkey unified wireless systems.

Apprion’s main product, the ION System, includes an industrial network appliance (IONosphere) that manages data services and application integration, as well as industrial wireless field appliances (IONizers) that integrate multi-protocol, multi-vendor wireless networks and the applications they facilitate, including location tracking, voice-over-IP, video, and condition-based monitoring communications.

Motorola provides a portfolio of wireless broadband infrastructure products, as well as the mobile devices that can access, move, and manage data, voice, and video transmissions in real time either inside or outside a plant.

Today’s announcement builds on the news last July that Motorola Ventures, the company’s strategic venture capital arm, had invested an undisclosed amount in Apprion. As a result of that partnership, Apprion incorporated Motorola’s wireless broadband and WLAN systems into the ION System. According to the latest OEM agreement, the next phase of development will fully integrate the Motorola products as modular components of the IONosphere and IONizer. This integration will result in new Apprion products scheduled for delivery later this year, Apprion officials said.

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