Joy Mining Machinery

COMPANY: Joy Mining Machinery
SIZE OF COMPANY: 1,000 or more employees
INDUSTRY: Industrial/heavy equipment
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Underground mining machinery, longwall shearers, roof supports, face conveyors, stageloaders, continuous miners, batch haulage vehicles, continuous haulage systems
NAME OF PROJECT: Introducing the Flexible Conveyor Train to Australia
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Leverage engineering data to create a lightweight design model for training and marketing materials; eliminate experts’ travel to Australia to sell and support the product
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Autodesk Inventor and Vault; Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration, Deep Server, and Deep Access
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: 3D animations and color images will make for more effective training; machines will be better serviced; less downtime; anticipated $60,000 saved on international service calls, $60,000 saved on travel expenses, $100,000 saved on international sales calls