Johnson & Johnson

COMPANY: Johnson & Johnson
SIZE OF COMPANY: 500-999 employees
INDUSTRY: Consumer products
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Listerine mouthwash, Neosporin/Polysporin creams and ointments, Ben Gay ointments, Desitin creams and ointments
NAME OF PROJECT: Neo/Poly Automation Upgrade – improve efficiency, reduce labor cost, and reduce risks
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To remediate non-supported operating systems and non-compliant applications; facilitate a system for flexible batch recipe implementations to speed up new product introductions; improve electronic signatures and records for batch reporting
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: ControlBuilder, Symbol Technologies P370 Wireless RF Scanners, Allen-Bradley PLC-5Series PLCs and I/O
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Project cost was roughly $95.2 million; annual labor savings of $65 million with ROI of about 28.9% in 2.4-year payback period; reduced business continuity risks and downtime by replacing hardware and software