Integrated Fabric Resource

COMPANY: Integrated Fabric Resource
SIZE OF COMPANY: 50-99 employees; $10M to $25M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Textiles and apparel
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Custom fabric pouch assemblies and tote liners for automotive in-process and returnable material handling systems
NAME OF PROJECT: Consona Configurator
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To automate the quoting process; implement Made2-Manage ERP to integrate every aspect of mid-range manufacturing; make sure information is entered only once and is then available to all functions and management
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Consona Configurator, Consona Made2Manage ERP solution
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Made2Manage explodes the bill of materials and determines what is needed to complete an order; eliminated paperwork for shop schedules, manufacturing instructions, and material lists; saved on accounting costs; cut time to generate a quote to five or 10 minutes from 24 to 36 hours; reduced number of people needed to produce a quote to one from four