Hyundai Steel Corp.

COMPANY: Hyundai Steel Corp.
HEADQUARTERS: Dangjin, South Korea
SIZE OF COMPANY: More than $1B (525.7 billion KRW); 1,105 employees
INDUSTRY: Steel fabrication
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: A wide variety of products ranging from high-quality H-beams to reinforcing bars
NAME OF PROJECT: Automation system for new integrated mill
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To standardize and simplify development of 20 subsystems used for process control in a new, integrated steel mill that takes a unique, green approach to material processing
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: ILS integration middleware, Oracle ERP, Cisco industrial networking
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: System standardization and simplification reduced program, integration, and system test errors and enabled continuous operation. The mill includes a closed-roof raw material processing system that allows Hyundai to reduce dust and other types of pollution while minimizing material losses. The $321 million closed-roof raw material handling facility can store 3 million tons of iron ore, coal, and other raw material. It will feed two blast furnaces that together will produce 8 million metric tons of steel annually.