Hubbell Inc.

COMPANY: Hubbell Inc.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 1,000 or more employees; more than $1B in revenue
INDUSTRY: Electrical equipment
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Electrical products, wiring systems, lighting products, power systems, telecom and data, boxes and fittings, cable/hose management, communications solutions, enclosures, industrial controls, wiring products, workstations, utility products
NAME OF PROJECT: Hubbell Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Outsource VMI to Datalliance through SaaS model to take the IT system and infrastructure costs out of the picture
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: A manual purchase order had cost $30 to $55 per transaction, whereas a VMI order costs $1 to $3. Gained visibility into true customer demand; reduced costs; more consistent and efficient shipping; greater inventory logistic liquidity; better return automation; ROI expected once manufacturing is based on true demand as seen through the VMI engine