Honeywell Enhances OEE Tracking

Line efficiency tracking software adds new equipment effectiveness calculations and a graphical dashboard.

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Posted on Apr 10, 2009

Honeywell’s Wintriss Controls, a business unit dedicated to machine control and safety, has introduced a new version of its Line Efficiency Tracking Software (LETS), which allows manufacturers to accurately track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in applications where production rate is dictated by machine configuration.

LETS, which is factory reporting software for automating the collection of production data from production machinery and processes, now includes a graphical dashboard and new calculation methods for delivering greater accuracy of OEE metrics in piece-part processes where design of the part limits the speed of the job. The new version is dubbed 3.4.

Previous versions of LETS considered the maximum machine speed as the ideal rate for all jobs run on a machine. However, LETS 3.4 adjusts the ideal rate based on the configuration of the machine. For example, in applications in which more than one part is made per machine cycle, the software automatically multiplies maximum machine speed by that number of parts. In processes in which multiple machine cycles are required to make a part, machine speed is divided by that number of cycles, the company said.

LETS Version 3.4 can precisely weight OEE percentages for jobs of varying lot sizes by keeping both a running total of the actual parts produced by the machine over the series of jobs, and the number of parts that could have been produced according to ideal rates and multipliers. This capability enables LETS Version 3.4 to accurately summarize performance over time regardless of the number or length of the jobs running in the machine, Honeywell said.