Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping Inc.

COMPANY: Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping Inc.
SIZE OF COMPANY: $50M-$100M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Automotive OEM
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Metal stampings, value-added assemblies, springs, slide-formed products
NAME OF PROJECT: The World Class Ideas Program
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To explore how Plex Online ERP system could be used to automate a continuous improvement/employee suggestion program, improve it, and simplify and speed up idea submission, review, and processing; reduce costs, eliminate waste, and generate more ideas
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Plex Online, Smart Tool, Allen-Bradley
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: $1.2 million total savings in 2008; ROI of more than $1.1 million; each employee averaged 32 World Class Ideas; customer base has remained 97% automotive, yet revenue grew in 2008, and growth was anticipated in 2009