Genentech Inc.

COMPANY: Genentech Inc.
HEADQUARTERS: South San Francisco, CA
SIZE OF COMPANY: More than 1,000 employees; more than $1B in revenue
INDUSTRY: Pharmaceuticals
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Cancer drugs, growth hormone, anti-viral drugs
NAME OF PROJECT: Energy Savings & Predictive Maintenance via Wireless Monitoring
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To implement wireless monitoring while meeting Corporate Facilities Services goals, such as energy savings and predictive maintenance; achieve payback within two years
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Cypress Enviro-systems Wireless Network, OPC interface, Siemens Facility Management System
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Reduced steam losses; implemented predictive maintenance for research equipment, lowering maintenance and equipment failures; predictive maintenance for research freezers reduced risk of lost R & D samples due to unexpected failures. Project cost was $82,000; energy savings totaled $42,525 and equipment savings, $20,000; payback in 16 months