Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc

COMPANY: Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 1,000 or more employees; more than $1B in revenue
INDUSTRY: Consumer packaged goods, beverage, tobacco
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Dr. Pepper, Snapple, 7UP, Mott’s, A&W, Sunkist soda, Hawaiian Punch, Canada Dry, Schweppes, Squirt, RC Cola, Diet Rite, Penafiel, Rose’s, Yoo-hoo, Clamato, Mr. and Mrs. T
NAME OF PROJECT: Automated Planograms for Retail Product Planning
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To use automated planograms to improve efficiency and productivity of category management; improve retail planning to optimize days of supply and increase inventory turns; improve sales and bolster cash flow
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: JDA Planogram Generator, Space Planning, Intactix Knowledge Base
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Automated planograms are highly accurate and follow user-defined merchandising instructions, fixtures, assortments, and product performance data; optimized days of supply; increased inventory turns at retailer level; reduced excess inventory; increased cash flow