Dole Food Co. Inc.

COMPANY: Dole Food Co. Inc. (Dole Fresh Foods)
HEADQUARTERS: Westlake Village, CA
SIZE OF COMPANY: 1,000 or more employees; $5M-$10M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Non-manufacturing
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Fresh fruit, vegetables, packaged food products, fresh-cut flowers, leafy greens
NAME OF PROJECT: RFID-Driven Food Safety
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To safeguard consumers and optimize processes; increase levels of traceability of harvested foods and visibility into efficiencies of processes, such as weighing, cooling, and storage
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: IBM Cognos for Metrics reporting, RFID readers from Impinj and Mojix, handhelds from Intermec Technologies
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Decreased harvest-to-storage times; eliminated bottlenecks in weigh scales and cooling tubes; improved traceability and safety for customers; improved visibility of any product that may have been contaminated or come in contact with contaminated batch