Clement Pappas & Co. Inc

COMPANY: Clement Pappas & Co. Inc
SIZE OF COMPANY: 500-1,000 employees
INDUSTRY: Consumer packaged goods, beverage, tobacco
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Canned and bottled apple, cranberry, and other fruit juices; cocktail mixers; cranberry sauces
NAME OF PROJECT: Clement Pappas Puts the Squeeze on Excess Inventory
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To improve visibility across the supply chain; reduce forecast error; decrease finished product inventory; optimize production efficiency; increase perfect orders
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: Logility Voyager Solutions
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: More demand-driven; decreased finished product inventory 10%; reduced forecast error rate 25% in six months; optimized production planning and increased changeover efficiency; improved throughput on one production line 30% and an average of 14% on all others; increased perfect orders 5 percentage points while maintaining inventory levels