BendPak Inc.

COMPANY: BendPak Inc.
SIZE OF COMPANY: 100-499 employees; $50M-$100M in revenue
INDUSTRY: Automotive supplier
PRIMARY PRODUCT LINE: Equipment used in automotive maintenance and production, lifts, air compressors, jacks, pipe benders
NAME OF PROJECT: Enterprise Applications Overhaul
PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To have a single, integrated platform for automating the business, including material management, inventory management, supply chain management, customer management, and transportation/logistics; improve visibility; better manage growth; reduce costs
TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED: SAP Business ByDesign, PaceJet multi-carrier logistics management
ACCOMPLISHMENTS/ROI: Reduced errors, cut costs, and gained real-time visibility into inventory levels and available-to-promise information; reduced inventory levels 30% within 45 days; improved on-time shipments and customer service