Texas Memory Systems Unleashes the 900 GB Gorilla

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Posted on May 20, 2011

The RamSan-70 "Gorilla" is a high-performance, half-length PCIe card with 900 GB of usable SLC Flash capacity. Delivering 330,000 IOPS and 2 GB/s of bandwidth, the RamSan-70 offers higher performance and greater capacity than any other half-length SLC Flash PCIe card.

HOUSTON, TX - Texas Memory Systems, Inc. (TMS), maker of The World''s Fastest Storage®, introduces the new high-performance RamSan-70, a 900-GB half-length PCIe card featuring Toshiba''s newest 32nm SLC Flash. The RamSan-70 carries on Texas Memory Systems'' tradition of delivering a complete integrated RamSan® storage solution on a single board.

The RamSan-70 is the first product powered by Texas Memory Systems'' new Series-7 Flash Controller(TM). Based on high-performance Xilinx FPGAs and a PowerPC processor, the Series-7 Flash Controller handles all Flash management functions without impacting the host CPU. It incorporates patented TMS reliability technology, yielding an expected lifespan of 6-10 years. Its proprietary enterprise-level reliability features include chip-level RAID and an advanced ECC algorithm, correcting more errors than required by the manufacturer.

The Series-7 Flash Controller is field-upgradable, ensuring that TMS customers will always have the best performance and latest features. The Series-7 Flash Controller, combined with Toshiba 32nm SLC Flash, provides the enterprise-level performance and reliability customers expect from The World''s Best Flash Storage(TM).

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