Subaru Robin Offers High Performance V-Twin Cylinder Engines

Posted on Aug 24, 2005

WOOD DALE, Ill. - Boasting optimum durability, easy starts, high power and low exhaust emissions, Subaru Robin V-Twin cylinder series engines deliver high power and performance in a small package. The four-cycle OHV (overhead valve) gasoline engines are ideal for a variety of industrial and construction equipment. Although the V-Twins come in small packages, they offer exceptional power and performance. Ranging from 18- to 25-horsepower, the engines provide smooth torque throughout the rpm range and improved breathing at high rpm. The EH63 offers a power output of 18-horsepower while the EH64 provides 20-horsepower and the EH65 features 22-horsepower. The EH72, the largest of the engines, offers a power output of 25-horsepower. The V-Twin engines offer optimum durability and long life with a host of heavy-duty features including an aluminum alloy block, cast-iron cylinder liners, a forged steel crankshaft and high loading capacity ball bearing. A full pressure lubrication system with trochoid type oil pump and a large capacity air cleaner with dual elements enhance reliability. An improved overhead valve configuration allows for ideal combustion characteristics, which not only results in more power but also increases efficiency. The efficient combustion chamber, combined with a precisely tuned intake and exhaust valve system, lowers fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in comparison to conventional side valve engines. The V-Twins easily meet EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier II requirements. Subaru Robin industrial engines are manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan. Fuji Heavy Industries is a diversified manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, aircraft, buses, rolling stock and industrial engines and equipment. Subaru Robin products are marketed and supported in North America by Robin America, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries. For more information about the V-Twin engines, contact Robin America, Inc., 940 Lively Boulevard, Wood Dale, IL 60191, call (630) 350-8200, fax (630) 350-8212, e-mail or visit the Web site at

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