Miniature Piezo Buzzer is Waterproof

Posted on Dec 13, 2004

CUI Inc introduces the industry's smallest piezo buzzer with an IP67 rating. Designed for a range of waterproof and dustproof applications such as transportation, home appliance, and diving equipment, the CPE-243 generates 80 dB at 30 cm or 100 dB at 3 cm in a continuous tone. The buzzer features a diameter of 14 mm, a height of 8 mm, and operates with a built-in driver circuit. The CPE-243 is rated at 12 Vdc with a current consumption of 35mA max at 12 Vdc. The buzzer is housed in UL-94 HB high heat plastic and is able to operate within a temperature range of -30°C to 85°C. Wire terminations make the unit easy to install. Pricing starts at $5.00 each per 100 pieces through Digi-Key. Call for OEM pricing. Summary: o Product name: CPE-243 waterproof buzzer o Availability: 8-10 weeks OEM orders o Possible users: transportation, home appliance, and diving equipment manufacturers o Primary feature: waterproof and dustproof o Cost: Digi-Key pricing starts at $5.00 each per 100 pcs For more information, contact: Seana Bindner, Director of Marketing and Communications Phone: 503-372-1269 E-mail: For technical questions, contact: Trever Dougan, VP of Sales Phone: 503-372-1255 E-mail:

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