SSA Acquires CA's interBiz Division

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Posted on Jan 01, 1900

SSA Global Technologies Inc. has acquired the supply chain management, financial management, and human resource management product lines of interBiz, a division of Computer Associates International Inc. Though terms of the deal were not disclosed, SSA does expect the acquisition to "double its revenues to close to $400 million by the end of the next fiscal year," according to Graeme Cooksley, SSA executive vice president of global sales and marketing. For SSA, this acquisition is a significant step in establishing its position in target markets including automotive, consumer goods, general manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Products involved in the transaction include CAS, interBiz Logistics, interBiz Online, interBiz Reports, KBM, MANMAN, Masterpiece/Net, Masterpiece/Net HRMS, MAXCIM, MK Logistics, MK Manufacturing, PRMS, and Warehouse BOSS. Last year, SSA reorganized and became a leaner organization to try to get back to being profitable. "A year ago, we realized we needed to stabilize our product, add value to it, and then start moving it forward," says Cooksley.

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