PM100 Awards

Posted on May 19, 2011

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From highly focused projects involving the improvement of a business process to broad-scale transformations that result in a complete repositioning of a business, this year’s Progressive Manufacturing 100 companies collectively reflect a powerful message about manufacturing today—the business is changing, and changing in dramatic ways, before our eyes.

Consider just a few examples from this year’s PM100 family: By aggressively automating production of its smart meters, Itron Inc. realized an annual labor savings of $1.4 million; by implementing a standardized production monitoring and control system in more than two dozen plants worldwide, General Motors achieved double-digit improvements in productivity and even won a patent for its new methodology; and by transforming its business around a direct-to-customer model, electrical control products maker c3controls boosted sales by 27%.

These are just a few examples of the creativity, innovation, and competitive spirit demonstrated by the PM100 this year. Everywhere you look in manufacturing—whether in the automotive sector, oil and gas, consumer products, what have you—companies are changing their thinking about the business, changing how they make things, and leveraging advanced technologies to become more effective.

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