Expert Q&A: MES Takes Its Place in the Enterprise Suite

Julie Fraser, President, Cambashi Inc., looks back at trends in 2009 and ahead to what we can expect in 2010.

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Posted on Dec 02, 2009

Q: What were the most important MES market trends in 2009?

A: First, enterprise. As MES is being recognized as a second or third enterprise suite, with ERP and PLM, C-level executives are involved in the buying process. Vendor moves this year should accelerate their enterprise success. For example, Invensys and Rockwell Software’s new executives for MES/MOM have enterprise software backgrounds and have structured software divisions that may be better equipped to sell to the enterprise.

Second, breadth. Several major players made significant functional releases this year. Examples include GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, which added scheduling and a slew of other functions, and Camstar, Wonderware, and Rockwell, which created enhanced analytics. R&D and PLM integration is moving beyond Siemens to, for example, Dassault Systèmes with Rockwell.

Third, digestible MES. The momentum has shifted toward solutions that can be bought and applied a bit at a time, but integrate successfully. Examples are Apriso, Eyelit, and Wonderware. Another approach to digestible solutions is an industry-specific focus, as with Siemens’ acquisition of Elan, and with Intercim, iBASEt, Factivity, Emerson, Camstar, AspenTech, and others.

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