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Posted on Dec 07, 2010

There’s no doubt that collaborative innovation is a hot topic. As the recession slowly dissipates, manufacturers see engaging in open, collaborative innovation as a way to get the right new products to market faster and grow revenues. But actually moving to an open, collaborative innovation model can be a complex proposition, requiring difficult cultural change as well as the adoption of new, social networking-inspired technologies. This Deep Dive user resources page will provide you with a wide range of ideas and tools you can use to ease your transformation to an open, collaborative innovation model.

Research Reports & Studies

The Power of Many: The ABCs of Collaborative Innovation Throughout the Extended Enterprise

IBM’s Institute for Business Value surveyed 765 CEOs worldwide and found that many are placing a greater emphasis on collaborative innovation as a result of massive shifts in the global competitive marketplace. Others, however, admit that their companies haven’t yet figured out how to make collaborative innovation work.

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