DeepDive: Technology Directions - A Return to Basic Processes

Unsteadied by the demand drought brought on by the economic meltdown, manufacturers sought refuge in the form of traditional processes and technologies.

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Posted on Feb 24, 2010

In the realm of supply chain technology, what’s old is new again.

As manufacturers struggle for balance in the aftermath of recent economic implosions, they are reacquainting themselves with time-tested processes and the technologies that support them, including demand planning, visibility into inventories and order deliveries, and collaboration with suppliers and customers.

“I don’t see any kind of breakthrough technology here, not at the moment,” says Kevin O’Marah, chief strategy officer at AMR Research, which specializes in supply chain analysis. “We’re almost in a continuous improvement mode with the use of technology in the supply chain.”

In fact, the technology development he finds most noteworthy isn’t a new algorithm for mapping a supply network or a next-generation warehouse system.

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