Rules Reuse Key to New BPM Offering

Corticon 5, a business process management software package, features what the company says are simpler tools for designing and reusing business rules.

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Posted on Apr 05, 2011

Business process management software specialist Corticon today announced version 5 of its business rules management offering, featuring improved reusability of rule sets and simpler integration with enterprise applications, the company said.

Corticon 5 is the latest version of the tool, which addresses business process management specifically by helping companies manage the rules that govern those processes. Corticon software users can model business rules and embed them in software-based processes. Through Corticon 5, users can describe business rules in plain language in a spreadsheet format, which is then translated automatically into coding. That code then informs the callouts, or interactions, among various applications, including ERP and CRM.

The company sought to ease that integration in version 5 of the offering, a spokesman told Managing Automation. It did so by including foundation libraries with embeddable components that can “rule enable” the enterprise applications involved in various business processes. Corticon 5 can also connect to any Web service or data source to conduct service callouts, the company said.

Corticon 5 features what the company said are simplified rulesheets, which allow for a more graphical depiction of business rules. Once written, rulesheets can be reused in multiple applications. The idea of reusable rulesheets fulfills the promise of the service-oriented architecture movement, which foresees pre-built services as integral in creating business efficiency.

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