2011 Winners

Judging and Methodology

Judges will evaluate and score candidates in each discipline category using the following criteria:

  • Scope of Mastery: Has the candidate company demonstrated discipline mastery broadly, across several business functions, for example? Has mastery of the discipline resulted in a significant transformation in the way the company does business?
  • Business Impact: What bottom line business benefit has resulted from mastery of this discipline?
  • Strategic Impact: How has the project enabled the company’s overall business strategy?
  • Use of Technology: To what extent was the use of technology key to enabling mastery of the discipline? Was the appropriate technology used? Was it deployed in a way that delivered maximum value to the business?

For each of these criteria, panelists will award candidate companies points on a scale from one to five. A score of “one” for the Business Impact criteria, for example, would indicate little or no bottom line benefits. A score of “five” would indicate highly significant business impact.
Top-performers in each category will be those companies receiving the highest total score.

Progressive Manufacturer of the Year

Judges and editors will select candidates for the Progressive Manufacturer of the Year from among the PM100 winners. Judges will evaluate and score candidates for the Progressive Manufacturer of the Year Awards based on their demonstrated mastery of all disciplines. Judges will consider:

  • The scope, business impact and use of technology related to each discipline.
  • Based on those criteria, panelists will award each candidate a single score, from one to five, for each discipline.

The Progressive Manufacturers of the Year will be the large and small company PM100 winners receiving the highest total score across multiple masteries.
Ties will be resolved by Managing Automation editors.


For more information about the PM100 Awards, email summit@thomaspublishing.com