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PM100 Awards FAQ’s

What are the PM100 Awards?

Managing Automation Media developed The PM100 Awards to honor manufacturing companies that have transformed themselves through the use of information technology. The program recognizes innovative projects that deliver competitive advantage and demonstrate a manufacturing company’s mastery of at least one of eight core disciplines that we believe are critical for manufacturing success.

Who can nominate a project?

Anyone can nominate a PM100 candidate. The qualification for the project will be validated by our distinguished panel of judges along with the Managing Automation Media editors. Nominations may be coordinated by technology partners, but manufacturers on behalf of whom the nomination has been submitted must have approved the nomination.

How are the applications judged?

Applications will be judged in 8 categories. PM100 winners are selected based on evaluations by a panel of expert judges. The 100 Manufacturers whose nominations receive the highest scores are designated as PM100 winners. The manufacturer receiving the highest score in each mastery category is selected as a High Achiever.

Winners of the Progressive Manufacturer of the Year Awards are selected through a collaborative process based on editorial and expert judge evaluations. Winners of the Editors’ Choice Awards are selected through the consensus of the Managing Automation editorial staff.

How is the information provided on the nomination form used?

All information included in the nomination form is considered private and will only be viewed by Managing Automation Media editorial staff along with the PM100 expert judges.

Managing Automation may draw on the information in preparing profiles of the PM100 High Achievers, Progressive Manufacturers of the Year, and Editors’ Choice Award winners but inclusion of nomination form information in these profiles will be subject to the approval of the winning company.

What are the award categories?

There are 8 award categories, developed by the Managing Automation Media editorial staff. Click here for more information on the categories.

How will I be recognized for my efforts?

PM100 Winners will be recognized during an awards ceremony held at the annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit. The Summit will take place May 9-11, 2011 at The Breakers Resort, Palm Beach, FL.

Can I submit for multiple categories?

Multiple submissions will be accepted but entrants must submit customized entries for each category.

How much does it cost to nominate a project?

The fee for submitting an application is $250.

What is the deadline for submitting a nomination form?

All nominations are no longer being acepted at this time..

Can you send me an example of a completed nomination form?

To view an example of a successful project nomination entry, click here.

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